Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gaming: New Details About Uncharted 3 Emerge

An article posted on Entertainment Weekly’s website today shed’s new light on the upcoming Uncharted adventure.
Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will focus on our intrepid hero, this time stepping away from the jungles of South America and the mountains of the Himalayas, and into the vast desert of the Arabian Peninsula. More specifically, the Rub’al Khali Desert. 

And, like the series likes to do, they will keep one foot on reality by using exploits of real life archaeologist T.E. Lawrence, made famous by Peter O’Toole in the classic Lawrence of Arabia, to move the tale along.

Also the story will have a heavy focus on Drake’s history and more importantly his mentor Victor “Sully” Sullivan. 

The first official trailer will be played during the Spike Video Game Award’s this coming Sunday, so look for it here whenever it get posted online. 

For the full article from Entertainment Weekly click here.

Author: Daniel S. (Dankyn)

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