Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tech: Now You Have 90 Seconds To Decide If You Hate That Song

If you check out Apple iTunes, you may notice that they have made a change to how you sample songs.

iTunes now allows you to listen to 90 seconds of a song before you buy it. Because really, 30 seconds wasn't enough.

Well. . . Not all songs. The criteria is the song has to be over 2 and a half minutes long to warrant the 90 sec sample.

It would seem the record labels aren't terribly happy about it, though. Apparently Apple tried to tell the companies that if they sell music through iTunes, then they are agreeing to the 90 second sample. But something spoked Apple and now they are strictly opt-in.

Overall, this is actually pretty great news for iTunes music lovers (and Michael Scott).

Author: Daniel S. (Dankyn)

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