Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tech: Verizon’s iPhone Plan Will Be Comparable to AT&T

By now, everyone knows that Verizon will be selling Apple’s iPhone starting in 2011. But what we don’t know is how much they will charge for it. Until now...
Verizon has made a deal with Apple that will keep their iPhone plan similar to the one offered to AT&T customers now. It would seem that Apple was worried about Verizon wanting to make their plan more competitive because of the popularity of Android phones. 

Apparently, Apple had nothing to worry about, considering they sold 14.1 million iPhones last quarter, and AT&T has outpaced Verizon in market shares for the last two quarters. Not to mention the fact that many industry insiders are now claiming that Android sales are beginning to slow. 

Oh ya, and Verizon doesn’t want the iPhone jumping ship to T-Mobile or Sprint.

Author: Daniel S. (Dankyn)

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